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Director: Dawn Harwood-Jones
Accompanist: Barbara Tuck
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Studio Singers at Chester Basin Legion, November 11th, 2009

About us

The Studio Singers, under the direction of Dawn Harwood-Jones, kept in tune (sort of) by accompanists Barb Tuck and Zane Meisner, and kept on their toes by music arranger/assistant conductor Peter Robson, is a ragtag bunch of people who love to sing. Variously known as the Shower Stall Singers and the OK Chorale, the group has been singing together for 15 or 20 years (nobody can really remember). They have performed for David Sukuki (among others), backed up Laura Smith and Pat Watson (among others), and performed at such diverse venues as Shoreham Village, the Chester Playhouse, the Fo'c'sle Tavern, several churches, several Legions, the Oak Island Inn, the Halifax Jazz Festival and the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium. They made their recording debut as real studio singers on Pat Watson's award-winning CD Feeling Good.


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Music Files ...

  • Little Darling (practice version): download
  • Little Darling (print version): download
    Little Darling video performances - Diamonds
  • Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: download
  • -->
    Song Finale* .mus file YouTube video pdf file audio file
    Candlelight Carol Practice version audio performance (with Rutter)
    concert performance with piano
    - -
    Christmas Hallellujah download - - -
    - - -
    Don't get around much any more download - - -
    Four Strong Winds download - - -
    I Only Have Eyes for You download video - -
    If I fell in love with you download - - -
    In the Still of the Night download - - -
    The Parting Glass  (New!) download (we sing bars 38-55) video (starts 1:10 minutes into video) - download mp3
    Safe Home  (New!) download - - -
    Remember Me (Sept. 2011 version) download - - -
    Shepherd's Farewell - video - -
    YouTube music videos of our other repertoire (mostly Christmas)

    * Download Finale Notepad (free)

    Finale tip: To hear only your part: From the "Window" pull-down menu, select "Instrument List", then check the "S" column beside your part. Then close that little window, and click the play button (right-pointing arrow above music). This actually allows you to hear a staff, so if two parts (e.g. Alto & Sop) are on the staff, you'll hear both.

    Reference materials

    Also of Interest...

    * performance by Studio Singers and Calgary's
    Westwinds Music Society, Chester, July 23, 2012


    "Maxine", the inspiration for Barb Tuck's
    persona at our year-end soiree.


    Chandler's Cove

    After practice


    John Bird &
    Pat Watson

    backing Pat,
    Lunenburg, 2009

    A word from Anne: three things we need to work on (nag, nag, nag...)

    Admin: music database

    Anne, Dawn, Erin, Peter, Barb:   password is our most well worn song, two words, no spaces, all lowercase.

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